A Lifetime of Service.

From years as a successful businessman to decades of service as a decorated military veteran to six years of Leadership in the Michigan House of Representatives; Rocky is experienced and ready to make Lansing work for US.

Serving Country. Serving You.

Rocky has never hesitated to accept his country’s call to service, to fight for freedom, overseas, during the Global War on Terror. It was on one of those missions, as a team leader, Rocky earned the Bronze Star for meritorious service.


Rocky knows the importance of family and how the decisions of today will affect our future. Rocky and his beautiful wife, Amalia, are the proud parents of a beautiful new daughter, Sofia! Congratulations to the Rocky & Amalia!

Call or Email Rocky.

Rocky understands the importance of being accessible and working for you. Be sure to call or send him an email so he can get back with you personally.

Working. For. You.

Nobody outworks Rocky! From studying public policy to listening to those whom he represents, Rocky is always trying to find out not only what is happening politically...but the why behind it. Be sure to check out his Issues page to see where he stands.

Working Together.

Rocky knows from his service during Operation Enduring Freedom; sometimes listening is the most important thing you can do. Two people may not agree on everything but that doesn't mean they can't work together to get things done.

Our Way of Life.

At the end of the day, this WHOLE thing is about our future. Do your part to join Rocky and Amalia by joining the team and making a generous contribution to insure there will be someone in Lansing working for you!

Join The Team

"Like you, I am frustrated with our politicians. We need leaders who are willing to solve REAL problems with REAL solutions!" ~ Rocky Raczkowski

Help Rocky Make Michigan A Better Place to Work and Live!

About Rocky

1Anyone who knows Rocky knows how passionate he is about life. Rocky’s experience in the business world, the military, and in politics gives him the right mix to understand the complex issues and explain it in a way people can understand.



2Rocky knows the issues. When most people are enjoying their weekends or sound asleep at night, Rocky is on the phone and on e-mail answering people’s questions about the issues because he genuinely enjoys serving people. Find out where he stands.



3Lots of things happen in a campaign for public office. Rocky’s blog is where he’ll take time to share thoughts, ideas, events and news with you. Check back here to see the latest from Rocky’s blog to find out information and how to get involved.


District Map

4It’s important to know the community and every neighborhood matters. Check out this area to see what the 13th State Senate District looks like and where you are in it. Rocky will be walking door to door throughout the district. Be sure to say, “Hi!”


“Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.” ~ Ronald Reagan