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I strongly believe that it is important to be accessible and transparent in letting the voters know exactly where I stand on the most important issues of the day. For this reason, I am publishing this issue page on our website. You will find, as the ONLY Reagan Conservative in this race for the U.S. House of Representatives, the positions we espouse are Constitutionally sound and offer innovative and positive solutions for the issues we face now and in the future.

Your concerns are important to us. After reviewing the issues presented, please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, concerns or issues you may have.

As always, I thank you for your time, humbly ask for your support and look forward to working for you!

Please click on the any of the links below for my thoughts on these important issues.


I am a patriot and not a typical politician. I will work to make sure that Congress lives under the same laws as we do as private citizens. I strongly believe that we should have a vote on term limits to replace career politicians and stop the sweetheart retirement deals many in office receive.


Every consumer should have confidence in the safety of all our domestically grown and imported food products. Protecting our food sources is a Governmental responsibility, and the US food protection system must remain the best in the world.

We must allow our future generations of farmers to grow crops free from government regulations that do nothing to support the safety of our food products. In addition, farmers need to be secure in the knowledge that they will not be taxed so drastically that their farm ownership is in jeopardy.


Federal income is not the problem, Federal spending is! I, like many of you, am disappointed in the fact that paying interest on the debt will continue to take up more and more of our annual budget. For this reason, we MUST get control of our spending NOW!

As a Federal representative, I will support the Balanced Budget/Tax Limitation Amendment as well as the 'Line-Item Veto'. These actions will help to restore fiscal responsibility to an out-of-control Congress. This will require Congress and Washington, as a whole, to live under the same budget constraints we do on a daily basis. We MUST stop the wasteful spending and reduce our nation's debt that is endangering our quality of life as Americans. This is accomplished by cutting spending, limiting the growth of government below the rate of inflation, and prosecuting wasteful spending and fraud.

Balancing our nation's budget is the first step in tackling our out of control National Debt! Currently, there is nothing balanced in the spending of Washington. This reckless policy leads to more spending, massive tax increases and less freedom for the middle-class families!


The Preamble of the U.S Constitution makes it clear that our Founding Fathers considered it a priority of the Federal Government to provide for the common defense of our nation and its people. As a former career soldier who has served in combat overseas, I have firsthand knowledge that peace can only be achieved through strength. That is why I will support the resources our troops need to accomplish their mission. Who better to understand what we need than a soldier who has been around the world and understands the conflicts that may come to our borders.

As a husband and father, I will work for peaceful solutions, but when peace is unachievable, we must summon the resolve to unite and win decisively or not engage at all. A strong military is essential to keeping America free, safe and prosperous. As a whole, we need to ensure that we maintain the best trained ready force in the world, while maintaining the concept of the all-volunteer military.


I have many concerns about the partisan passed Dodd-Frank Act and its unintended consequences for middle class taxpayers and small businesses. Now, there is growing bi-partisan recognition that Dodd-Frank's over-regulation damages the growth of our struggling economy. We should re-examine everything from mortgage lending that will make it harder for Americans to own a home, to relieving new federal burdens on investors and job creators.

More importantly, the Dodd-Frank Act failed to end “Too-Big-to-Fail”. In fact, big institutions have gotten bigger, and the small financial institutions have become fewer. The taxpayer has become poorer and access to credit has become more political. Is this really what we want? The answer is a resounding NO!

We need common sense policies that will prevent future recessions and prevent Washington bureaucrats from picking winners and losers.


I will work to create an environment which will spur job creation by eliminating regulatory red tape that is stifling innovation and job growth. It is also stifling our national GDP at growth of less than 1.5% per year on the high side. This type of slow growth destroys opportunity for those either entering, or trying to re-enter the job market.

Cutting business taxes and repatriating corporate earnings that are currently being held off shore will revitalize the economy, and will bolster private sector employment. Furthermore, I will work diligently to defeat tax increases imposed on our Michigan businesses by the former Congress.


The path to success starts with a high-quality education, but education should always be a state issue. The Federal Government should not take needed funds from tax payers to fund a bloated Federal Governmental Education Department. Instead, those funds should be sent back to the states and the classrooms.

I support the bi-partisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) because it is designed to reduce the federal government's role in K-12 education, and prevent Washington bureaucrats from promoting one-size-fits-all programs like Common Core. The ESSA also empowers states to set their own academic standards.

I am a strong supporter of the high standards and local control which will ensure success for our children and our nation's future!


I will work hard for a comprehensive energy plan that creates American jobs and leads us to energy independence. We will accomplish this by utilizing environmentally friendly domestic production of energy resources. I also support the use of combined hydro-power and nuclear power to support our future energy needs, but this must be done with a clear focus on safety and population dispersion.

We need to build a new energy economy that creates jobs by developing energy technologies and fuels here in the United States that support manufacturing. This economy should NOT be based on higher taxes, more regulation and more government leading to suppress our growth as a nation.


As a conservationist, I support a clean and safe environment.

I understand that some environmental rules and regulations are a complex maze that stifle the economic growth of our nation. For this reason, I favor allowing state exemptions when applicants come forward with free market approaches that both protect the environment and spur economic growth with job creation. This strategy worked with welfare reform in the ’90s and can work today to make sure our nation and the State of Michigan have a diverse and reliable supply of energy and a healthy economic environment.

As a hunter/fisherman, it is important that we maintain our environment. Quality clean water is one of the most important gifts we can pass on to our children and future generations.


I have, and always will, support a transparent government. Transparency is vital for each of us to be informed about the workings of our government and where and how our tax dollars are being spent. As your U.S. Representative, you will always be able to reach me, as well as know how I vote and where I stand on an issue.


I understand that there is a need for certain federal regulations, but some are just another over-reach of government, and those are the regulations I will work to eliminate as a US Representative. For Example, were you aware that the U.S Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reaches out to employers for current employment statistics and payroll data? This wastes company time, and prevents an efficient use of time and money. This is another duplicitous action from our government, and puts the burden on our employers. I pledge to work to cut unnecessary governmental regulations that do nothing to grow our economy, or keep our citizens safe.


I strongly believe that each individual understands their health care needs better than government bureaucrats. I also believe that we need to inject actual health care competition into a system that has no competition for market pricing. Patients and their doctors need more control, not less, when making decisions that are the most intimate in their lives.

I stand firmly against a single payer health care system. This so-called Medicare for All will destroy health care innovation, and will give patients fewer options for health care emergencies. This policy will lead to the rationing of individual health care.

My heart is with the patient and I will always fight for our families to have every option they seek to treat life threatening health issuses. I will also support common sense health care reform, and will fight to repeal the bureaucratic takeover of health care. I will work to restore the funding in Medicare that our Seniors depend on and were cut in the Affordable Care Act of 2009.


We must stop illegal immigration. Our immigration system is broken, and we are failing to ENFORCE the laws already on the books. We must deal with the issues caused by chain migration, refugee resettlement and weak border security. These issues have all led to complete chaos and must be fixed NOW.

As a son of legal immigrants to our great country, I support legal and sponsored immigration programs to our nation. This means that when you come to The United States, you are committed to making it better, and not trying to change our values and individual rights.

I strongly believe that we must enforce and protect our borders, and will support efforts to do so!

I am firmly against illegal immigration, and I will work to make sure that those who knowingly employ illegal workers are fined and held criminally responsible for their actions. We must enforce e-Verify Employment Checks. In addition, I support enforcement of the security of our borders and will work to stop sanctuary cities.

Furthermore, I do not support the current Federal EB-5 Visa Program. This program allows individuals to jump ahead of the immigration line by paying $1 million dollars, and promising to create 10 Jobs in the US, within a year. The initial thought behind this program sounds fair, but isn’t because it places wealthy individual immigrants ahead of current U.S. and Michigan citizens for contract competition and work projects. We must support laws that treat everyone equally.


The U.S. has never had formal diplomatic relations with the DPRK (North Korea), and at this rate, we may never. Our diplomatic efforts have always been rejected making our nation an international laughing stock!

In dealing with Syria, Iran and other nefarious nations with global goals of evil intent, we must always exercise our diplomatic efforts, but those efforts should not include paying for peace. This action will reward and further encourages evil acts.

We must use all the tools within our national tool box to enforce our diplomatic agreements, but we must also use our economic power to stop evil actors. Lastly, we must be prepared to use our military assets when our nation, and our citizens are threatened.

As a student of foreign policy and international cultures, I will stand ready to support our State and Defense Departments with good counsel and legislative support.


I am fervently pro-life and will work diligently to protect the lives of the unborn


The nation's most disadvantaged, including children, should receive an efficient health care program that will continue to provide essential services. If Medicaid is left as it is, there will be no safety net for the poor in the future.

The solutions that I support include going after those that use and bill Medicaid fraudulently. I also support giving States the flexibility they have requested to manage the Medicaid programs more effectively and in accordance with what is needed most. This allows for local answers instead of one-size-fits-all solutions from Washington. The needs of Medicaid enrollees in Michigan are very different from those in New Mexico.

Medicaid billing fraud is also a main driver of costs and services. As a U.S. Representative, I will work to create a billing monitor program for our states and Federal Government to ensure that services are getting to the client, and that the billing is not fraudulent.


We pay into Medicare through our employment tax deductions. I strongly support and believe that we need to preserve and protect Medicare for current and future retirees. The Affordable Care Act (aka: Obamacare) cut $716 billion from Medicare, effectively ending it as we know it.

As part of its $716 billion in total cuts to Medicare, Obamacare cuts Medicare Advantage by $156 billion. Of the more than 50 million older Americans who receive coverage through Medicare, about 15 million, or one quarter, are enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Advantage is extremely popular for a reason –it is operated through the private market, seniors gain access to high-quality and coordinated care with additional benefits that they otherwise wouldn’t get. The additional benefits include vision, dental, annual physicals, nutrition, wellness programs, and prescription drug coverage. Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are generally younger, lower income, minority and female.

Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage will lead to fewer of these plans being available to seniors, and they could lose access to their current doctors and additional coverage options they now enjoy.

Washington Democrats voted to cut Medicare. My top priority is preserving and protecting Medicare for seniors and future generations and by giving more choices for our Seniors.


Like everyone, I wish for higher wages for all hardworking Americans. As much as some would believe that raising the minimum wage would help hardworking Americans, it actually hurts them by raising costs across the board for all products, and ends up costing jobs overall.

Instead of focusing on increasing the minimum wage, we need to improve our economy by moving people out of low income jobs and into better paying, higher skilled employment. This move will provide stability and opportunity for individuals and their families. Opportunities will be increased as a result of an effective locally operated job training program.

Most importantly, a recent non-partisan CBO Report confirmed that while helping a few, mandating higher wages by the government has real costs, including fewer people working and more of them losing jobs.

At the end of the day, job creation and higher wages are a product of economic growth, not Washington mandates.


The 9/11 terror attacks revealed significant deficits in our intelligence organizations, subsequently resulting in enhanced surveillance programs. Such programs are vital to keep America safe, however, the citizens of the United States MUST have the legal and Constitutional protections in place so that these programs are not abused, and our individual rights are not infringed upon.

I will ensure that my votes, as your Representative, are based on Constitutional principles while keeping nation safe and secure.


I have never supported Presidential Executive Orders, unless they were eliminating past Presidential Executive Orders. Our Constitution is clear and spells out in Article I, the specific duties of each branch, and there is no discussion of Executive Orders.


I believe that our National Security depends on a strong, principled foreign policy that keeps America safe and protects our allies.

I believe that we should work with Russia in our common fight against violent Islamic extremist terrorism, although, we should also take a strong stand against the Putin regime and their meddling in our economy, military and internet transactions.

I strongly support the nations that formerly comprised the Soviet Bloc. We MUST seek to strengthen the Russian border region through economic, diplomatic and military means. We should also exercise our Cyber Security Directorate within the Department of Defense to protect our web operations. This hardens the ability for Russia's regime to further attempt to bring down our nation and our economic interests


I support enforcement along our borders and will work to stop sanctuary cities. I agree that such actions should be defunded, but I also think that any office holder that defies current law should be held legally responsible.


I am Pro-2nd Amendment, and believe that it guarantees the individual right to bear arms. As a gun owner, I support the rights to self-defense, sporting, conservation/hunting, as well as collecting of weapons.

I agree with the administration’s steps to aid the law enforcement community by supporting our citizens’ ability to protect themselves. Furthermore, I will uphold Americans’ Second Amendment rights at every level of our judicial system.


Sequestration has caused deep financial cuts in our military, first included in the Budget Control Act under the request of President Obama. We must protect our men and women in uniform from these deep spending cuts. Overreaching large scale and arbitrary cuts to defense spending are irresponsible and put our nation at risk.

I pledge to work for smart, targeted and real spending reductions, that do not harm our military personnel, our weapons systems and our overall national defense. It's time Congress does its job by cutting fat in the budget without arbitrarily hurting our armed forces or the ability to defend our nation. As a former soldier, I understand how to accomplish this and will work to keep our nation strong and free.


Social Security is a fund that we all pay into; therefore, it is OUR money, and not the Federal Government's to spend and use.

I firmly support its preservation, and will protect, Social Security for retirees. I will work to ensure that the program remains solvent for future generations. Period. I also believe we should repeal all tax hikes on Social Security benefits, and am committed to regular cost of living adjustments (COLA) to fulfill our promise to seniors. The government must learn to live within its means without the financial theft from the taxpayer.


Each year, Americans spend hundreds of billions of dollars on tax lawyers, accountants and other costs associated with tax compliance because our tax code is too long and too complex. Every special interest has a loop-hole. There is no question that our current system needs to be simplified, and instead of growing Government and the National Debt, we should be focused on growing the economy.

I strongly believe that it's not that we have a national income problem. I believe we have a national spending problem.

As the Representative from Michigan, I am not interested in being liked. I am more interested in being respected and standing up for individual freedom and economic growth. I agree with President Reagan when he said, “You can't be for Big Regulations, Big Taxes and Big Government, and still be for the Little Guy!”


American workers can compete with anyone in the world, as long as theyare playing by the same rules.

I do not support trade deals, or tax incentives that ship American jobs overseas. Federal bureaucrats should NOT be in charge of picking winners and losers when it comes to trade policy and tariffs. I support free trade, but it must be fair and not just 'free' in title only. More importantly, I will NEVER support a trade deal that poses a threat to American National Security.

Business in the United States is taxed higher than in any developed nation in the world. Many in the Democratic party don't believe we have a spending problem, which has led to higher taxes on American small business and outsourced jobs to countries like China!


I support innovative and cost-effective ways to improve the nation's infrastructure. The proper utilization of our resources to provide a safe, modern and efficient transportation systems is critical to improving the quality of life of our citizens, strengthens our economy and is what the Federal Government should be doing with our tax dollars. We must work on redeveloping our infrastructure without raising taxes or increasing greater debt.


As a Veteran with over 26.5 years of service, I have always believed in treating my brothers and sisters who served honorably with the services they deserve. I have always supported acts, such as The Choice Act, signed into law on August 7, 2014. The Choice Act provided $17 billion to improve veterans’ access to healthcare at the Department of Veterans Affairs, including a provision to expand veterans access to care and treatment outside of the VA health system.

Furthermore, I was proud to be in attendance at the White House, in 2017, when the President signed the Veteran Accountability Act - making sure that our Veterans are receiving the care and respect they have earned.


Afghanistan is a crucial front in the global struggle against the al-Qaeda terrorist network and Islamic radicalism. The Taliban was a radical Islamic theocratic government that rose to power in a series of civil wars in Afghanistan, which were prompted by the withdrawal of Soviet forces from the country in 1989, after 10 years of occupation. The Taliban ultimately assumed control of the country in 1996, but their government was not generally recognized by the international community. The Taliban provided support and safe-harbor to al-Qaeda prior to the 9/11 attacks on the United States, and refused to cooperate with the United States in bringing the terrorists behind the attacks to justice.