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Rocky is Different


With so many candidates running for Congress, people often ask, how is Rocky different?

What sets Lt. Colonel Rocky Raczkowski (U.S. Army, retired) apart from the other candidates running for Congress is the quality of his experiences, and the depth of knowledge gained from a lifetime of service. It has become apparent that some of the candidates have a few of the qualities necessary to be a Congressperson that will work for us, but Rocky has them all!

Respect and Love of Our Nation

As the son of legal Polish immigrants who experienced the Nazi ravages of World War II, he grew up with a unique and abiding respect and love for the freedoms and opportunities offered in the United States.

The impact of the suffering experienced by his parents instilled in Rocky a knowledge that all freedoms are tenuous and can be challenged and repealed. He is determined to remain true to the country’s Constitution and fight to keep us free.

Service to Others

Rocky’s long career, beginning with his enlistment in the United States Army Infantry at the age of 17, is witness that he will not only talk about working for us, his history proves he has. He severed overseas in combat zones, and received the Bronze Star Medal for meritorious service during combat operations. His dedication to the American ideal is never-ending and firm, but his service to others doesn’t stop with his over 26 years of service in the Military.

Rocky was also nominated by the Speaker of the Michigan House, and appointed by the Governor to serve on the Michigan Veteran Facility Authority, where he serves our State’s Veteran community on a voluntary basis. Rocky also serves on many charitable and service organization boards, most notably as a current member of the Board for ALS of Michigan, and a former Board Member of the Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross.

Ethics and Doing What’s Right

Did you know that Rocky was a State Co-Chair for Term Limits in Michigan (1992), and served in the State Legislature from 1997 to 2003? Rocky was also elected by his fellow members to serve as the youngest Majority Leader of the Michigan House of Representatives in 1998. Even then, he stood up to his own party, and was not willing to bow to pressure when the Leaders wanted to raise taxes.

What is most important, Rocky is the ONLY Representative in Michigan’s history to turn down, and not accept, the lucrative benefits package and perks offered to elected officials.

Rocky is a Job Creator

Rocky is an innovative businessman and understands the complexities of creating and managing a successful company. Rocky started his business six (6) years ago, and now it has grown into a successful logistics provider for many Automotive and Defense clients. He is a job creator and is aware of the impact employment means to families, so he takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Rocky is Educated and Experienced

Rocky is the only candidate that has been recognized as a leader in Business, the Military and in Politics. His civilian and military education, his life experiences and his past work have made him an asset where his subordinates seek his leadership, his peers seek his advice and his past superiors sought his personal counsel. What few people may know, is that Rocky is multi-lingual and has traveled to 34 different nations during his career.

Rocky is Committed to Working for Us, Not Himself

Rocky has never shied away from work, or from a battle. He has a backbone that is rarely seen amongst many in politics. He stands up for what is right, and is not afraid of challenges or obstacles. Often, when others shy away from an issue or a debate, he is the only one ready and able to bring reason to a subject - that is why he is always sought after by the media for comment or discussion.

Rocky’s Got His Priorities Right!

Rocky always puts God, Family and Country first! He has the discipline to do what’s right and the compassion for others that is so needed in our leaders today! When he is our US Representative in Congress, we will know that our priorities are his priorities.

It is rare to find a person who has the incredible insight, wisdom and resourcefulness as Rocky does. While some of the candidates have one, or even two, of the qualities mentioned, only Rocky possesses all of the qualifications and experiences that will make a successful and effective Member of Congress for US!