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Rocky and Sofia


The 11th Congressional District candidate, Rocky Raczkowski, is blessed to possess the qualities of a strong and dedicated leader. His optimism and humor are evident and his genuine love of country and family are a driving force.

It is always encouraging to find a candidate who is actually the person he presents to his public. Rocky is such a man. Rocky is a patriot who actually says what he believes and doesn’t spin the facts. He is a rarity in today’s political arena.

His never-give-up attitude and absolute convincing dogma that one man can make sa difference, is paramount. When facing an opponent, fear is not in his vocabulary, neither is defeat. His years in the military have instilled a determined and patriotic philosophy and a strong desire to do what is right. His deep faith in God gives him the motivation and strength to follow a conservative path and work for the good of the country and its citizens.

Rocky is determined to go to D.C. and work for the people he represents. He does not intend to join the politicians in the swamp but, instead, continue the draining of the sludge that threatens the well-being of the nation. Rocky will work for us!


In 1996, Rocky was elected to serve his community in the Michigan House of Representatives, ousting an incumbent Republican in the process. Recognizing his leadership qualities, in 1998 his colleagues elected him Majority Leader, thus making him the youngest in any state legislative chamber in history. After serving three terms, Rocky was re-activated by the U.S. Army and he, once again, was engaged in the Global War on Terrorism.

Rocky is very involved in charitable organizations and serves on the Board of Directors for ALS Michigan. He was formerly on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Chapter of the Red Cross.

Rocky is a frequent guest commentator on political and national security issues on radio and television, most notably on “Let it Rip” on Fox 2 Detroit.


Rocky Raczkowski holds a BA in Political Science and Psychology from Eastern Michigan University, and completed a Masters in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State University College of Law.

Rocky also has a keen interest in foreign languages and speaks three fluently.